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Maternal capital

Maternity capital today is the most demanded help from the state. In 2007, a program was developed, according to which, for the birth of a second child and further children, parents can receive an amount that will compensate for the cost of maintaining a child. The size of the maternity capital allows you to spend it not only on household and daily expenses, but also to pay the mortgage.

Today, more and more banks are offering loyal terms of lending against maternity capital. Recall that the maternity capital program was launched on January 1, 2007. In 2016, the exact amount of payments was 453,026 rubles.

To buy an apartment using maternity capital funds, you must comply with a number of mandatory requirements established by federal law No. 256-ФЗ dated December 29, 2006 "On additional measures of state support for families with children" - otherwise the planned transaction will not take place or will be completely invalidated ... It should be noted that the owners of the maternity certificate have the right to buy an apartment not only in new buildings, but also in the secondary market.

The law states that it is allowed to receive a maternal certificate at any time after the birth of the second child in the family (starting from 2007), but it will be possible to use the money only when he turns 3 years old.

However, in the case of acquiring housing with the help of a mortgage (or if the family has a home loan or a loan issued earlier), then the maternity capital can be spent on the purchase of an apartment without waiting for the child to reach the age of three.

To prevent it from happening that you conducted a transaction using maternity capital, and did not fulfill some of the conditions of the law, and the transaction was declared invalid, you need to contact the professionals in this matter. Call the number8 (383) 249 78 02 or write to the mail and you will receive an answer within the working day about the possibility of using maternity capital.

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