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  • What is insurance for?
  • necessary documents for obtaining a mortgage loan
  • mortgage and civil marriage
  • mortgage on a private house
  • mortgage secured by existing real estate
  • Maximum loan amount based on income

  • Maximum loan amount based on income
    The bank requires to insure the life and disability of the borrower, the risk of loss of the apartment (destruction, etc.), as well as the case of loss of the title of owner by the borrower. In the event of any of the above situations, the bank runs the risk of not receiving a mortgage loan repayment. The bank requires insurance so that, in the event of an insured event, the insurance company is financially liable.

    Maximum loan amount based on income
    hello, please tell me what documents are needed to apply for a mortgage loan, and can a loan be provided to a nonresident person, that is, without a Novosibirsk registration, as well as whether guarantors are needed and what are the requirements for borrowers and guarantors.
    (Natalia asks the question)

    Hello Natalia!
    The required list of documents for a mortgage is as follows:
    - passport (copies of all pages);
    - pension insurance certificate (copy);
    - certificate of TIN assignment (copy);
    - military ID for males under the age of 27 (copies of all pages);
    - documents on education: diplomas, certificates (copies);
    - copy of driver's license (if any);
    - copy of marriage certificate (if any);
    - a copy of the certificate of minor children (if any);
    - a certified copy of the work book;
    - a certificate from the place of work on the amount of income for the last 6 months according to the 2-NDFL form or according to the bank's form (a sample of the certificate by f.b. is provided after choosing a bank).
    The main requirements for the borrower (co-borrower) are as follows:
    - age from 18 to 65 years old;
    -registration on the territory of the Russian Federation (temporary is also allowed);
    - work experience in the last place for at least 6 months.
    To obtain a mortgage loan, an initial payment of at least 10% of the value of the selected property is required.
    You can attract from 1 to 3 co-borrowers if your income is insufficient to obtain a certain loan amount. Any person, not necessarily a relative, can be a co-worker.

    Maximum loan amount based on income
    Good day! I will try to formulate my question.
    1. Can an unmarried couple take out a mortgage for one apartment on the condition that 1/2 of the property will belong to everyone (well, it’s obvious why this is done ... in the event of a discord, each of the couple must remain in their own interests)? ?
    2. If one of the couple is ready to make 50% of the cost of the apartment as an initial payment (the cost of the apartment is 1400 tr.), Is it possible to fix somewhere in the agreement that one of the co-borrowers contributed his share?
    (The question is asked by Dmitry)

    Hello Dmitry!
    1) Yes, you can arrange an apartment for 1/2 while in a civil marriage. The only thing is that both must have official confirmation of income (according to the 2-NDFL certificate).
    2) It is impossible to fix this in the loan agreement. On this issue, you can contact a notary who will be able to draw up an agreement on your issue.

    Maximum loan amount based on income
    Good day, Natalia! Does your agency provide mortgage lending to private houses? Does the agency do the recruiting? We wish to buy a house, help with the calculation - the total income with my husband is 45,000, 2 personal income tax, children 6 and 18 years old, a co-borrower with an income of 20,000. I am 38, my husband 41. Initial - 300,000. I would be grateful for an answer to the e-mail. Thanks. (The question is asked by Inna) Здравствуйте, Инна! Да, мы сможем подобрать вам ипотечную программу на покупку частного дома, а также предложить наши варианты. По вашему доходу вы проходите на 1450 тыс.рублей на 15 лет, ежемесячный платёж - 26200рублей.

    Maximum loan amount based on income
    Good day! Tell me if it is possible to get a mortgage by pledging a share in a three-room apartment. And one more thing: is the moratorium on the early repayment of the mortgage applied by you? (The question is asked by Irina)

    Hello Irina!
    Unfortunately, the entire property must be provided on bail. The moratorium applies in any case

    Maximum loan amount based on income
    Hello! I would like to buy a house. Official income - 12,000 rubles, unofficial - 12-15 thousand rubles. The initial payment is 600 - 700 thousand rubles. Not married, no children. Higher education. What amount of the loan can be calculated with monthly payments up to 15 thousand rubles.
    (The question is asked by Ekaterina)

    Hello Ekaterina!
    The maximum loan amount for 15 years will be about 800 thousand rubles, the monthly payment is 11060 rubles.