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Choosing a real estate is interesting and exciting

At first glance, all real estate agencies are the same. A really good agency, such as CMP Realty, differs from others in that it approaches its tasks - helping to buy an apartment in Singapore - not only responsibly, but also creatively. We always strive to do more for our customers. More than they expect. That is why we are among the five leaders and are the two-time laureate of the "Gemma. Best Products and Services" award. We will not only help you sell or buy property in Singapore - we will also find the best mortgage option for you. Turning to our company, you will understand that the choosing of real estate is not fuss and anxiety, but joy and pleasure.

It rarely happens that a client can buy real estate in Singapore immediately for cash. As a rule, this process takes place with the attraction of a mortgage loan. But here an inexperienced person can easily get confused. Dozens of banks offer a wide variety of mortgage programs in Singapore, wrapped in beautiful packaging of lucrative promises. But in reality, the overpayment may differ by hundreds of thousands of rubles, and not every bank will actually issue the promised loan.

And here we, the real estate supermen, come to the rescue! We help to submit an application to all the leading banks in the city and find the option that suits you. Thus, we work with the client on the principle of "one window", saving his efforts, time and money. We have a whole staff of specialists: credit brokers, realtors, lawyers, who act in a coordinated manner and in close connection with each other. Our motto is "We do not work for everyone - we work for everyone."

Seven reasons why you can trust us

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