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MONO Japanese Loft Home (Koh-Kaew)

Attitude co.,Ltd
Object cost:
from 5590 000 baht
Mono Loft House Koh Keaw is a house and villa project located in Ko Kaeo, Phuket and was completed in Dec 2018. The developer was The Attitude Club Co., Ltd, which is also behind Mono Luxury Villa Pasak, Mono Japanese Loft Plus (Chalong) and Mono Loft Villas Palai.
Mono Loft House Koh Keaw, a chic Japanese style home designed under the Happiness is Homemade concept. The project is carefully designed by blending modern life with nature to ensure a happy and comfortable life for everyone in your home. Every square meter is functional and well-crafted with charming simplicity. Positioned in a potential location, the project is close to the British International School, Boat Lagoon, Villa Market and the bypass.
The villas are the perfect combination of comfort and stylish design. The price includes all built-in furniture and kitchen: 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen, swimming pool, parking, garden.
Happiness is the main idea for starting home design. MONO - Happiness is Homemade. The MONO house was born out of love and passion. A simple way of life, respecting nature and people, including the design work that is hidden in the details in this simplicity. This is something beautiful and worth exploring.
The heart of MONO JAPANESE LOFT HOME design.
- A unique style that reflects the concept of Japanese architectural design.
- A space that suits your needs.
- Every area is more useful than you think, every part of the house is designed for full use.
- Inside Out, Outside In is a design that emphasizes the connection of external and internal spaces, this is done to make the space inside the house wider.
- KOHJI & SHOJI - beauty emanating from the lines and corners. The arrangement of walls, windows, doors creates a perfect, organized and balanced design.
- WABI SABI is a natural form of beauty that does not need to be invented. Attention to detail, understanding of natural methods, totally imperfect nature. Become the charm of a unique piece.
Payment schedule for installments:
1st payment: Deposit - 100,000 Baht.
2nd payment: Signing an agreement within 15 days - 25%
3rd payment: within 60 days - 20%.
4th payment: within 60 days - 20%.
5th payment: within 60 days - 20%.
6th payment: within 30 days after the developer notifies of the date of registration and transfer of ownership - 15%.

Schedule of payments for the purchase of finished housing :
1 payment: 2% deposit
2 payment: upon signing the contract 28%
3 payment: upon transfer of ownership 70%.

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Mono Loft House Koh Keaw is a house and villa project located in Ko Kaeo, Phuket and was completed i
Object value
5590 000 baht