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Buy an apartment in Phuket

The Internet and modern fastgadgets quickly shorten distances. You can work remotely or even enjoy life, having a rest and having passive income in Russia. Thailand, the land of smiles and eternal summer, it is in the top of five destinations for relocation. On the one hand, there is enough exoticism here, and on the other hand, it is a modern state with a developed infrastructure and economy. This "balance" is very attractive for a permanent residence. However, if you are not ready to completely change the location, you can use the purchased living space as an excellent investment. There are millions coming for vacation in Thailand that means that there will always be demand for rent. And, when your apartment is free of tenants, you can come and relax yourself, since the weather is wonderful here all year round.

But how to buy an apartment in Phuket? GJA.rf includes CMP Realty,company office is located in this resort city. And what is this all about? In order for Russian buyers to apply to qualified Russian realtors in Thailand, it is much more difficult to work with Thai people: both the language barrier and the peculiar local mentality interfere. In addition, the ability to build chains of exchanges - a Novosibirsk apartment can be easily swapped for a Thai one of the same square, and a Petersburg one - even for two. In addition, CMP Realty officially represents Thailand's largest developer on the east coast. The range of housing is huge - from a studio to a luxury villa, and prices, unlike, for example, the French Riviera or Marbella, are quite affordable. Everyone will find what they want here! Working with us is not stress, but peace and pleasure. We are fully responsible for our work and give a special guarantee certificate of material liability. We are the only company that works with the Royal Guild of Thailand lawyers.


Each of us worries about the safety of our money. Even such a seemingly reliable investment as real estate does not guarantee profit either. We all see what has happened recently in Russia with both the dollar exchange rate and the price per square meter. However, there are countries that have not been affected by the housing crisis. For example, Thailand. Since 2008, the cost of housing in Thailand has grown steadily every year from 1% to 5%, depending on the region. Even the 2014 putsch had no impact on this growth. On the contrary, the year was a record year for investments in Thai facilities among Russians. Prices in Real Estate increase very fast - 14% gain only in 2016. Novosibirsk never dreamed of this! There are several reasons for this: a confidently developing economy, an influx of tourists from all over the world and a constant increase in its own population. Since 1951, the number of Thai people has grown almost four times, and now there are almost 70 million! This means that housing will always be in demand!

From what can you choose today, if you decide to buy a house in Thailand? Foreigners can buy both apartments in a condo and a separate house (however, it is worth considering that the land under it can only be rented, for a maximum of 90 years). Either luxury properties or budget apartments worth up to € 75,000 are in particular demand. Recently, a new trend has emerged: investors are willing to buy hotels and hostels that are never empty. The most popular regions for shopping are resort ones (Pattaya, Krabi, KohSamui and especially Phuket, a millionth city with a full tourist infrastructure). According to statistics, every second Russian buys an apartment in Thailand for subsequent leasing and receives at least 7-8% per annum in strong currency.

Thai developers are adjusting to the interests of buyers-investors. The complexes are given over to the management of well-known hotel chains Outrigger, Centara, Movenpick, Banyan Tree, Amanpuri, etc. Thus, apartment owners can relax in an apartment with hotel service and earn money on rent.

In any difficult situation, the Thailand authorities strive to support the real estate market. In particular, in October 2015, it was announced about tax cuts and simplified conditions for issuing loans. The country is also investing in the development of large infrastructure projects (construction of high-speed railways and ferry crossings), which in the long term will have a positive impact on the housing sector.

There are thousands of offers on the Thai market today, but not all of them are equally beneficial. How to make sense of this huge assortment and properly purchase housing in Thailand? We, the Russian-speaking company CMP Realty, with an office in Phuket, will help you with this. We will not only select an object, but also carry out a legal examination of the purity of the transaction, protect it from pitfalls, and help arrange a mortgage at an acceptable percentage. We help in the entire chain of transactions, and if you need to pre-sell your apartment in Russia, we will also do it for you.

It is easy and comfortable to arrange a housing transaction through us. Preliminary stages (viewing real estate by video, booking, signing a contract, acceptance) can be carried out remotely. Your presence will be required only at the final stage, when registering in the land department.

After the sale, your property will not be "homeless". We, CMP Realty, will find tenants for it, monitor the safety, collect rent payments and provide timely cleaning and cosmetic repairs. You can trust us!

Now the questions:

What if there is still not enough money to buy an apartment in Phuket?

We help to arrange a mortgage at an affordable 8% per annum. And this is another advantage of Thailand - not every country has loans available for Russians.

Who will be in charge of renting out an apartment and providing visa support?

Again, we are! We have tremendous experience and more than three hundred objects under management.

Well, I have read all this and what is next?

Look for your option on the website or contact the company directly by leaving a request on the website.