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To buy commercial property in Pattaya

Your business is thriving and you are thinking about buying commercial real estate? Just note that it is much more difficult to acquire commercial real estate than residential premises. Experienced lawyers recommendto contact professional agencies.

CMP Realty Company has distinguished itself in the real estate marketlong time ago. We have been working since 2007. We have more than 20 offices in Russia and abroad, tens of thousands of completed transactions. Our agency is one of the largest Federal International Agencies in Russia.

Our team consists of only professional realtors and lawyers. Choose us and we will help you to buy commercial property at a favorable price and in a profitable location.

What are we going to do?

Contact CMP Realty and you will not have to buy a "pig in a poke"! Experienced professionals who will competently check the legal and technical documents for the purchased property carry out all transactions with commercial real estate.

Reasons to choose CMP Realty:

Remember that transactions with commercial real estate are more complicated and even dangerous than buying a home. It is necessary to very competentlydeal with theproperty titles.

In CMP Realty Company, professional lawyers will consult you at all stages of the operation! Trust us - you will not have any doubts or difficulties with us.

Get started today, contact us and become the owner of a profitable commercial real estate!

General company numbers: 8-800-350-7788 (free within Russia), +66 900 4000 52 (Pattaya).

Our impeccable reputation is confirmed by a long-term partnership with the largest banks in Russia and Thailand:

Kasikornbank, Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank, TMB Bank, UOB Bank, DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, Krungsri Bank, MBK Bank, HSBC, UBS, «Банк ВТБ», «Россельхозбанк», «Банк Акцепт», «Сбербанк», «Абсолют банк», «Транскапиталбанк», «Unicreditbank», «Deltacredit», «Росбанк», «Металлинвестбанк», «Номосбанк».

Partner banks provide our customers with credit lines on preferential terms.