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Competition for borrowers in the country's mortgage market continues to gain momentum. Banks are launching programs to mortgage refinancing one after another, luring foreign clients with lower rates.

What does it mean to refinance your mortgage ? This means contacting a new bank, which repays the debt in the first bank, transferring the entire amount there at once. After that, the collateral is re-registered to the second bank, and the borrower pays off with the new bank at lower rates.

Seems like a very good deal! However, the population is in no hurry to reissue loans. The reasons lie, first of all, in ignorance. People either haven't heard of this service at all, or they simply have no idea how mortgage refinancing works. And still others, although they know, do not want to go through the complicated procedure for the second time: to issue, register a mortgage, pay all commissions and fees, re-issue insurance to another bank, etc.

Our experts note that refinancing brings real financial benefits when the difference in rates is at least 2-3%. If the difference is less, then refinancing is not profitable.

In order to obtain complete information about the provision of such a service by banks, you need to contact our company to mortgage specialists who will help you understand all the intricacies of this complex procedure, as well as help in preparing all the necessary documents.

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